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LOANLYNX is a technology driven mortgage brokerage on a mission to deliver the most cutting-edge loan products and seamless user experience to our clients. We source the highest quality loans from a vast lender syndicate through our intelligent vendor marketplace. We're ecstatic about providing fanatical customer support and meaningful service, exceeding your expectations in every way!

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Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a boomerang buyer re-entering the market, our creative and attractive purchase products can accommodate. Discover Fannie Mae / Freddi Mac 3% and FHA 3.5% down programs. We even offer Reverse Purchases!

No Hidden Fees

We go over all the costs of your loan in advance, and even give you a "no closing cost" option, so you can custom tailor the most suitable loan. Our company is TRID Ready and fully compliant with CFPB's new Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure timing requirements.


Take advantage of ultra–low rates by unlocking your home's value. You can consolidate high-interest rate credit card debt, lower monthly payments, reduce mortgage terms, upgrade your property to build instant equity, even finance large purchases.


LOANLYNX Originators adhere to a strict code of ethics. Our high standards embrace a Zero-Tolerance policy concerning Anti-Steering compliance, ensuring we provide at least 3 loans options to every client, placing You in the driver's seat, empowered.

Loan Products

Whether you're looking to purchase a new home, refinance an existing property, launch a business, expand existing operations, or acquire commercial space for a new venture, we've go you covered! We also carry a full line of reverse mortgage products.

Cloud Technology

Borrowers have access to their loan files from anywhere at any time. Our state-of-the-art technologies eliminate traditionally non-transparent complexities many have experienced in the past. Simply log in to your private portal and take control!

The 15-Day Close

Our agile approach and streamlined approval process keeps us nimble, allowing us to close loans with rapid fire. Getting pre-qualified is the first step in seizing the opportunity that awaits. So when the perfect house comes along, you're ready to act fast!

Hear the Buzz!

Our team finds purpose in achieving yours, striving to make it known to our clients that we care. Cutting-edge products + enhanced programs = happy customers. Newly released expanded criteria blows the doors wide open! See what the hype is about!

The White Glove Service You Deserve & Expect

Speed | Agility

Rapid file deployment & loan pivoting

Service | Advocacy

Adamantly loyal to our aligned interests

Technology | Innovation

Cutting edge of eMortgage revolution

Focus | Determination

Relentlessly committed to your success

Vision | Insight

Deep analysis of your unique profile

Navigation | Guidance

Clear direction every step of the way

Passion | Performance

We love getting our clients to the table

Ethics | Integrity

Full disclosure and total transparency

Loans Just Got Custom!

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