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JASON P MOEDING, Founder/CEO of LOANLYNX™, is a South Florida business native, pioneer & technology entrepreneur who’s spent the last 15 years as a professional in the real estate finance industry. Jason has first-hand experience navigating the volatile peaks and valleys of boom-bust cycles, making it his mission to educate millennials, home and business owners, as well as seniors about the importance of proper planning. He stresses conservative risk management, hedging against market overexposure, by intelligently posturing for short and long term curves in the naturally cyclical & volatile real estate environments.
Jason, a University of Florida graduate of the Warrington School of Business and Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), is both a licensed mortgage and real estate broker in the State of Florida. He offers insightful perspective when assessing transaction options, offering an assorted menu of capital solutions, including residential mortgages, government financing, commercial and business funding, credit restoration incubators. His experience includes facilitating funding for budding entrepreneurs, creative deal structuring for real estate investors, mezzanine financing for commercial projects, residential mortgages in both luxury and underserved markets, and reverse mortgages for retirees in light of the coming generational wave of baby boomers.

LOANLYNX™ was founded by Jason to forge breakthroughs in the heavily regulated and highly competitive mortgage space by simplifying industry complexities, while creating user-friendly experiences through leveraging cloud-based technology and the latest innovative web and mobile applications, empowering clients with dashboard visibility in the process. Contact Jason direct @ 754-206-5969 or by email ➤➤

Our Story

LOANLYNX is the genesis of hard labor & love developed in response to the outdated, overly complex mortgage process tirelessly afflicting consumers. Our cloud-based, technology-driven, customer-centric, multi-lateral mortgage brokering platform is designed to simplify and engage consumers & businesses at the point of sale by implementing relevant real-time & personalized data intelligence based on the prospective users financial desires. The advanced modernization of the companies business process have exponentially accelerated the speed of loan closing executables, creating an enhanced and enjoyable relevant user experience for buyers, sellers, lenders, Realtors® & vendors. Initiated with the purpose of competing in the modern overburdened regulatory lending environment, through agile processes, intuitive systems, specialized skill sets & strategic partnerships; the company seeks to position as an innovator & consumer advocate through a transparent brokering model focused on speed, service, efficiency & robust product lines. Welcome to LOANLYNX“Lending through Innovation”.

  • SPEED 94% 94%
  • SERVICE 91% 91%
  • STRATEGY 83% 83%
  • SIMPLICITY 87% 87%

Did You Know

The LOANLYNX Logo features a distinctive mascot – a Lynx whose nickname is “Link”. He represents the speed, agility, technology and guidance at the root of the company’s core competency. Not to mention he’s really cool and will keep you ‘Linked Up’ to all the latest news, rates, products & guidelines you need to stay in the know and in control of your loan.

The Next Generation of Loan Origination

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