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Information is moving faster than ever, and life has never flowed more quickly or been shared as broadly. For the thirteenth consecutive year, identity theft is at the top of the FTC’s list of consumer complaints. And according to the Department of Justice, approximately 16.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2012, sustaining more than $24 billion of economic losses. Since 2005, LifeLock® has been a pioneer in identity protection, leveraging unique data, science and patented technology; providing threat detection, proactive identity alerts, and comprehensive remediation services, as the cornerstones of their business. LifeLock® members benefit from dynamic alerts that scan their financial network to proactively identify potential damaging threats. LifeLock’s patented alert technology gives you the opportunity to confirm your identity before a new account such as a retail card, auto loan or new wireless phone is opened with your information. In the event that identity theft occurs, LifeLock® provides award-winning resolution support and a $1 Million Total Service Guarantee. The LifeLock Wallet™ app, which offers convenient digital wallet management and a lost wallet service, is free to everyone with a smartphone. LOANLYNX is proud to partner with LifeLock® in the fight against Cyber Security threats facing consumers in our fast-paced highly sensitive digital environment. We have negotiated special pricing for our clients to take advantage of these powerful preventative protection services. Find out how you can get 30 Days Free + 10% Off here: Hint: *Use Promo Code LYNX.

AccountChek™ provides the only patented third-party asset verification acceptable by GSE’s and leading Investors through securely leveraged, intelligent data collection sourced directly from financial institutions. AccountChek™ is an unbiased third party service used by LOANLYNX to collect your digital asset account statements to satisfy asset and deposit account verification requirements necessary during the loan process. Submitting your information online through the AccountChek™ portal is significantly more secure than emailing, faxing, or mailing copies of your bank statements. And, unlike other methods, AccountChek™ is accessible from any device 24/7 and may reduce the processing time required by your Loan Tailor, providing more efficient turn around times on time-sensitive loan approvals. Their comprehensive commitment to security, privacy, and safety allows LOANLYNX to close loans more quickly and confidently. In 2013 they were presented with the ‘Mortgage Technology Industry Fix-It Award’, due to the innovation and safety of the AccountChek™ platform, as an effective and permanent solution to an specific industry problem. We are proud to be in partnership with AccountChek™ to remain on the bleeding edge of secure innovative technology, as a means to providing you with a more enjoyable user experience. Learn more by visiting

RentalKharma™ was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to build their credit score without having to go into debt. We are committed to providing an easy, simple service for renters to add their rental payments to their credit report, improve their credit score, and reach their financial goals! In just 3 minutes you can start building your credit by paying rent. It’s that easy! Finally you can build your credit score completely online. It Really Works – You can add your rent payments to your credit report and build positive credit history with your rent payments. Get started today and start building your credit with rent. LOANLYNX has established a strategic partnership with RentalKharma as a way to help our ‘Near-Miss’ clients boost their credit profile, providing the extra nudge necessary for those on the cusp, to finally obtain mortgage financing. Click here to learn more & enroll.

Alliance Realty Network™ (ARN) is Comprised of a nationwide network of trusted partner agents, bridging the gap between home buyers, lenders and real estate agents. ARN maintains a mission of providing an enjoyable and efficient home buying experience with important advantages to clients.  Not just any agent can participate in the Alliance Realty Network. They have spent years talking to and working with real estate agents across the country to create a network of the most qualified agents in your area. Those agents that meet our high standards and expectations have demonstrated a history of strong customer relationships and exceptional service. They understand the unique needs of buyers and sellers in your local market. With more than 5,000 agents nationwide, and growing all the time, they’ll pair you with the agent that can best meet your needs. Plus, buyers or sellers who work with an Alliance Realty Network preferred agent can receive up to $2,000 after closing (in qualifying states)*. LOANLYNX has established a strategic relationship with Alliance Realty Network to offer our clients reliable real estate professionals they can count on. Learn more at

LoanMLS® offers an exchange platform for those looking to invest in loans, mortgages, notes or trust deeds. LoanMLS is the country’s leading on line loan marketplace for investors who want to buy distressed mortgages, buy loan portfolios, and buy groups of loans. There are also many investors who are buying defaulted loans through LoanMLS. So if you are looking to buy and sell loans, sell notes, buy notes, or buy trust deeds, remember that LoanMLS is the best online loan exchange in the United you the power to connect with over 20,000 loan professionals and investors – all interested in buying, selling and investing in existing loans, pools or new loan originations.

United Credit Education Services™ (UCES) has the knowledge, experience and most effective approach to credit restoration in the industry. United Credit is proud to offer our time proven strategies, including the industry’s first proactive and interactive customer service. In short, clients receive regular progress reports detailing the status of their credit file, including the number of dispute cycles completed and the number of deleted items. Our customer support team is on hand to personally answer any questions by phone or email, or clients may choose to access their account details online any time of day or night. Let our professionals work for you. Enroll today and join the thousands of other clients who are enjoying the benefits of improved credit.

Over the past 10 years, Financial Education Services (FES) has created countless financial programs aiming to satisfy the need for financial security. We’ve covered the spectrum to create pieces for each of part of the financial puzzle. From maximizing your credit potential, protecting your identity, securing your assets to preparing for a stable financial future. At Financial Education Services, we stand behind our services with integrity. The same questions are constantly on our mind: Are our customers happy? How can we improve? What else can we offer to help those wanting to create security over their financial futures? Hearing life changing stories from our customers and representatives continues to remind us the importance of financial education. Whether you’re looking for help within your own financial scenario or are here to explore a limitless business opportunity, your success is within reach at Financial Education Services.

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