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If you’re a renter, your largest monthly expense is probably your rent payment. Yet you don’t build your credit score by paying your rent on time. You can be penalized on your credit report for a rental eviction but you aren’t rewarded for being a responsible renter and making your rent payments. This puts you at a disadvantage because you’re not building credit with a major monthly expense. Homeowners build their credit score by paying their mortgage. It’s time you build your credit score by paying your rent.

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In just 3 minutes you can start building your credit by paying rent. It’s that easy! Finally you can build your credit score completely online.

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It Really Works!

You can add your last 24 months of rent payments to your credit report and build positive credit history with your rent payments. Get started today and start building your credit with rent. The new rental trade line reports through the TransUnion® credit bureau as RK/RESIDENCE.

Why Rental Kharma?

Build Your Credit Score with Rent — Add a new trade line to your credit report that demonstrates your on-time rent payment history and your credit worthiness.

Get Credit for Your Last 2 Years of Rent Today — Add up to 24 months of on-time rent payment history to your credit report today. Exclusive offer you can’t find anywhere else!

Build Credit without Going into Debt — By building your credit score with rent you don’t have to worry about interest payments or falling into debt and financial trouble.

30 Day Grace Period for Rent — As long as you pay your rent within 30 days it’s considered on-time on your credit report.

A Better Credit Score Saves You Money

Your credit score determines if you qualify for any type of financing or extension of credit as well as how much you’ll pay in interest for car loans, mortgages, credit cards and student loans. With Rental Kharma you can build your credit, lower your interest rates and save tens of thousands of dollars.

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What You Do

Complete our easy registration and give us some information about your rental. There is a one time verification fee and then it’s only $9.95/month. Build your credit score just by paying your rent each month. It’s that easy! Want to learn more? Check out our Rental Kharma Renter FAQ.

What They Do

Rental Kharma reports your verified rent payments to credit bureaus. They will verify your rental lease with your landlord or property manager. Every month they will electronically confirm your on-time rental payment history with your landlord or property manager.

What You Get

Rental Kharma will facilitate verifying and submitting your rent payments to TransUnion so they report on your credit as another active tradeline to accelerate building positive credit history. With better credit you can save tens of thousands of dollars and reach your financial goals.

How We Fit In

LOANLYNX sincerely believes in Rental Kharma’s core product offering, and as such, has arranged special wholesale pricing for clients enrolled through us, with no earnings retained by us. Our motive lies solely in helping you enhance your credit profile for obtaining optimal financing.

Getting Started

  • Once enrolled, your landlord or property manager is contacted to verify your rental history.
  • Make sure to inform them so they are aware of a rental verification request anticipated in the coming days.

The Process

  • After your rent payments have been verified, they will be reported to your credit report as a positive tradeline.
  • You landlord/property manager is contacted every month to verify current rent payment.

See the Results

  • Check your credit report and credit score to see the benefit to your credit standing.
  • With a better credit score you can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest on credit cards, home and auto loans.

We'll Help You

  • View your account online – 24/7 by logging into your Rental Kharma account.
  • Their live Customer Service Team is available for general inquiries or you may contact us for enrollment assistance.

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