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*DISCLAIMER: LOANLYNX™ has no ownership interest in, nor receives any compensation from Rental Kharma™, and makes no representations, claims, nor warranties as to the accuracy, efficacy, or nature of information/services obtained by/through Rental Kharma™. LOANLYNX™ does not make or fulfill any performance guarantees for this service. All information submitted through the embedded enrollment form and payment gateway on this page is transmitted securely and accepted directly by Rental Kharma™.  LOANLYNX™ does not accept or process these payments nor do we store any personal or financial information submitted through this form. By enrolling in Rental Kharma™ through loanlynx.com you consent and agree to hold LOANLYNX™ harmless of any damages, unforeseen challenges, or lack of performance by Rental Kharma™.

**Rental Kharma™ enrollment is voluntary, and in no way required prior to formally applying for credit through LOANLYNX™. The service is offered as a courtesy with no markup, and has provided favorable past outcomes, by optimizing/enhancing the registrant’s credit profile prior to formally applying for financing. This is accomplished by validating past rental history with the registrant’s current landlord/property manager, with recurring verification every 30 days until cancellation. The verified rental trade line is then reported to the TransUnion® credit bureau as a ‘real estate and public accommodations’ account type, with ‘paid as agreed’ payment status, and ‘open’ account status under account name ‘RK/RESIDENCE’. The information is provided in the spirit of disclosing alternative credit enhancement options for consumers, and not intended to steer or sway consumer behavior in any particular manner or direction.

†Past performance is not indicative of future results and individual results may vary. This is not a firm offer of credit. By clicking ‘COMPLETE REGISTRATION’ you agree that you have read this Disclaimer in full and wish to proceed.

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