Business Loan Types

LOANLYNX offers offers a diverse range of financial solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses that share one aim:Get your Entrepreneurial Enterprise Linked to Quick Capital by unlocking the inherent predictive wealth residing within the majority of business models. Our attention to service and quality is rapidly making us an industry leader. At LOANLYNX, the customer always takes priority, and we constantly strive to exceed expectations!  Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice from knowledgeable staff, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.
If you agree that traditional banking solutions are typically unavailable to those businesses in most need – we share your concerns and hear your plight. Plenty of good businesses have legitimate capital needs – but unfortunately just can’t qualify for bank loans in our post bail-out environment.

That’s why the mission at LOANLYNX is to provide solutions to businesses demanding viable alternatives to traditional banking loans within the niche markets we serve and without drowning in paperwork. So apply now to access make-sense underwriting in today’s markets – and at today’s values.


We are constantly researching new ideas and products.  Check back with us frequently to see if we’ve innovated in a way that’s relevant to your business!  Contact Us for a free analysis and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you. Click on the tabs (Below) to learn more about each funding methodology or contact us direct to determine the best solution for your company.

Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advances for small businesses are unnecessary and expensive compared to a true business loan. LoanLynx connects companies with business loans that banks don’t or can’t.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans are a bit of a misnomer, but understanding the security required for a loan is an important part of financing knowledge. LoanLynx makes loan approvals to small businesses based on business fundamentals like cashflow, not based on the value of business assets.

Working Capital Financing

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a small business, and managing it can be a challenge, no matter how healthy the business. Business owners of all industries run into unexpected situations where cash on hand is a lifesaver.

SBA Loans

While the SBA makes it easier for small business owners to obtain term loans from traditional banks, for those seeking smaller loan amounts, other loan products through LoanLynx may be a better option.if your business requires over $250,000 and requires a payback period over years instead of months, the SBA offers a plethora of options to support your small business and provide the funding you need.

Grocery Store Loans

LoanLynx facilitates grocery store business loans to support thriving business expand operations and become more successful. Grocery stores that have been in business for over a year can get a loan through LoanLYnx to purchase inventory, remodel their store, create marketing campaigns and more.

Small Business Loans

Financing is critical to the health of small businesses. In order to grow, businesses need loans to purchase inventory, maintain cash flow, hire new employees, purchase equipment and invest in their business. LoanLynx uses technology to make the small business borrowing process fast and easy.

Inventory Loans

Need new or more inventory to make more money, but can’t afford it right now? An OnDeck loan can help get funding for inventory. If you need to borrow to purchase your inventory, you should also try to match revenue with expenses a LoanLynx inventory loan might be right for you.

Temporary Cash Flow Loans

In situations where you may not have enough capital on hand – such as taking advantage of an unexpected discount in inventory or seasonal demand in volume fluctuations. In these cases, a temporary cash flow loan may be the right choice for your business to avoid related financial challenges such as returned checks or overdrafts.

Dental Loans

Need dental equipment funding or a short term cash infusion for your dental practice? LoanLynx specializes in loans to dental professionals. With technology constantly changing, it can be expensive to keep up.




Restaurant Loans

It takes equipment, inventory and sufficient staff to help a restaurant serve up a rewarding experience for its patrons, all of which require capital. If you’re a small business or restaurant that would like financing, LoanLynx might be the right place to get the working capital you need to grow.

Medical Financing

If you’re seeking medical practice financing for specific purchases such as equipment, inventory, expansion, or marketing, you may qualify for a 6-month or 12-month medical practice financing. Also inquire about our Medical Funding Program, for any business that’s billing Medicare or major insurance companies.

Truck Fleet Funding

We recognize that there is a major need within the trucking community for sourcing capital. We recently introduced a Subprime Truck Equipment Finance Program. Soon thereafter we rolled out additional programs leading to a suite of alternative Truck Funding solutions.

Retail Capital

For many retailers, cash flow is uneven because of seasonal demand. Due to increased demand during the winter holidays, many retailers, including toy, jewelry, and consumer electronics stores, generate a disproportionate share of revenue during fourth quarter, but may lack in retail capital in other quarters.

Fast Small Business Financing

In a hurry? We’ll let you know if you qualify for our fast small business loans quickly. We’ll provide you with a qualifying decision within 2 business days. If you use our instant decision application, you’ll know immediately whether you qualify.

Short-Term Business Loans

Nearly all Veterans have access to the vast benefits of this product.  Home ownership is made easy with our VA Loan options. Use your benefits to purchase a new home with 100% financing or refinance your existing loan into a lower-rate.

Business Equipment Financing

It takes equipment to keep a growing enterprise operating at its maximum potential. Whether you need to replace worn or outdated equipment or add equipment to accommodate increasing demand, you are going to need money to purchase that equipment.

Small Business Equipment Financing

It takes equipment to keep a small business operating at its maximum potential — and that requires money. Whether you need to replace worn or outdated equipment or add equipment to accommodate increased demand, consider small business equipment financing from LoanLynx.

Business Loans for Women

There are over 8 million women-owned small businesses in the United States alone. According to the SBA, for much of the recent 15 years, women-owned small businesses have been growing at twice the rate of small business as a whole. This type of rapid expansion requires supportive growth capital.

Church & Temple Loans

Sensitive to the needs of religious organizations, LoanLynx’s funding partners offer long term financing that makes sense for lay and spiritual leaders. From small to large capital requirements, LoanLynx can assist your congregation achieve their developmental objectives.

Seed Capital

Startup and Incubator programs with high growth potential require adequate care, nurturing, and liquidity. Your capital burn rate, current cash flow and future pro-forma projections will determine the destiny of your vision. Don’t allow under capitalization stall your progression.

Credit Card Processing

We will conduct a free review of your credit card fee landscape and let you know if we can save you money.  Typically, we can beat our so-called competitors with lower rates, a simpler system and easy-to-read statements.

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