Business Equipment Financing

Business Equipment Financing

It takes equipment to keep a growing business operating at its maximum potential. Whether you need to replace worn or outdated equipment or add equipment to accommodate increasing demand, you are going to need money to purchase that equipment.

Financing methods available to acquire business equipment include equipment leasing, government loans, sale-leaseback arrangements, and business equipment loans. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but if you decide that you want to purchase your new equipment, then some form of business equipment loan may be necessary to finance your purchase.


What Kind of Equipment Can LoanLynx Finance?

LoanLynx financing is based on the health of your business, not the specific equipment or use case. This means that depending on your business, you can finance any kind of equipment up to a $250,000 value through LoanLynx.


Because LoanLynx can fund your business in as short as 1 business day, it is ideal for equipment you need to buy or repair urgently. LoanLynx has funded millions to small businesses for equipment purchasing in these categories:

  • Restaurant Equipment (LoanLynx equipment financing is a great alternative to merchant cash advances)
  • Medical and Dental Equipment
  • Retail Equipment
  • Equipment in over 600 other industries.

What Kind of Terms Does LoanLynx Offer for Equipment Financing?

We understand the need to keep up with technology, and that can be expensive. Our business equipment financing options allow you to purchase your needed equipment and offer payback options that you can afford. You may qualify for a 3-month to 24-month business equipment financing from $5,000 up to $250,000. This range covers most business equipment financing for small businesses.

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