Church & Temple Loans

Church & Temple Loans


With over XXX,XXX registered religious congregations in the U.S., it’s no surprise that there are sectors of the financial community that have emerged to meed the specific needs of the faith based community. And although each congressional organisation has its own unique attributes, community objectives are remarkably similar.


What Uses Can Church & Temple Loans Be Used For?

  • Land Acquisition for Future Religious Locations
  • Building Brand New Places of Worship
  • Expanding or Renovating Existing Facilities
  • Schools & Playgrounds
  • Family Life Centers
  • Sports and Social Facilities

What Kind of Terms Does LoanLynx Offer for Church and Temple Financing?

Yes, banks have tried to meet these financial needs.  But the fact is that they can only offer regular commercial loans to organizations that have non-regular, non-commercial needs.  A congregation just doesn’t operate like a corporation!

Sensitive to the needs of the congregation, LoanLynx’s funding partners offer long term financing that makes sense to lay and spiritual leaders of the congregation.  From small needs to large (and we do mean large), the LoanLynx team has got what it takes to help a church and its congregation achieve their developmental objectives.


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