Inventory Loans

Inventory Loans


Proactive cash flow management means buying enough inventory to keep your customers happy, while selling it quickly enough to cover costs while avoiding excessive bills for storage space. Generally, you should consistently turn inventory over round-trip within a few month cycle.

If you need to borrow to purchase your inventory, you should attempt matching revenue with expenses. Inventory loans are designed to operate in short terms and should be sought for terms lengths for several months not years. Paying for this year’s inventory next year is not a healthy business practice. That’s why LoanLynx’s 6 and 12-month inventory loans might be right for you.


Fulfill purchase orders with LoanLynx Inventory Loans.

LoanLynx provides inventory loans with a mission to help small businesses grow by stocking the goods and product necessary to fill ongoing purchase orders to scale on demand while avoiding cash flow crunches. We step in when small businesses cannot obtain a line of credit from their traditional bank lender. We are not a merchant cash advance company. Our inventory loans range from $5,000 to $250,000. Small businesses loans are provided based upon projected business metrics and ongoing performance.

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