Retail Capital

Retail Capital

For many retailers, cash flow is uneven because of seasonal demand. Due to increased demand during the winter holidays, many retailers, including toy, jewelry, and consumer electronics stores, generate a disproportionate share of revenue during fourth quarter, but may lack in retail capital in other quarters.

To ensure you’re making the right decisions about borrowing, you should look at your revenue and expenses over the last six months. If your revenue has been consistently decreasing, while expenses have been flat or increasing, then a small business loan may not be what you need. Cash flow loans for small businesses are for generally healthy businesses that need temporary retail capital and have the means to repay the loan quickly. If you decide on a retail capital business loan, then LoanLynx Capital might be right for you.

Depending on whether you accept checks and cash only, or also credit cards, LoanLynx  Capital will tailor your retail capital loan according to your ability to pay. An LoanLynx  Loan Specialist will review your financial information with you and then recommend a retail capital loan option.

Our goal is to help you secure the retail capital needed to keep your small business strong.

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