Seed Capital

Seed Capital


All too often in the quest to realize their dream, business owners take on enormous amounts of personal debt, even mortgage their homes, in order to start, sustain or grow their companies. Unfortunately, such debt is viewed as exceptionally negative on personal credit and is not helping to establish the business’ credit history and ensure its ability to obtain future working capital. LoanLynx’s vast amount of experience and depth of knowledge with business credit will allow you to free your personal credit report of business debt and move it to your business’ name where it belongs.

80% of Businesses Fail Due to Under-Capitalization

In this economy you can’t afford NOT to have access to ample capital.  Will your business be best positioned to ideally respond to the constantly changin market dynamics?  Not to mention the piece of mind afforded by having instant access to substantial liquid capital. LoanLynx’s development of your business’ credit is the best insurance policy you can ever put in place to ensure prolonged prosperity for your company.

Program Facts

PHASE 1 Features:
  • Applications for STATED INCOME, UNSECURED, revolving business lines of credit that can be used for any purpose the business owner deems necessary including expansion, bridging cash-flow, marketing, paying off existing business debts or any other reason.
  • These LINES DO NOT appear on your Personal Credit Report and therefore are invisible during personal credit transactions such as a car loan or during the mortgage underwriting process.
  • Funds are typically available within 10 days of the application.
  • The lines are underwritten and qualified wholly on a borrower’s Credit Rating, Stated Income, and Stated Business Information.
  • Some Business Owners that have cashed out equity in their homes to start businesses are using the new lines to outright pay off a Second or HELOC, and carry the debt on business lines where it belongs.  This results in a dramatic increase in the personal FICO score and debt ratio since business debts are not long reflected on personal credit.
PHASE 2 Features:
  • Acquisition of a PAYDEX Score.
  • With LoanLynx’s guidance, in just a few short months, client businesses earn a perfect business credit rating (80 PAYDEX or better). Once this goal has been achieved, your business will be flooded with pre-approved offers from a multitude of credit providers, for both cash and supply uses.  Never again will you or your company have to be concerned with obtaining financing for future working capital!

Product & Tech Development

The Affiliate Partners of LoanLynx will review your concept (under NDA) and make positive suggestions and recommendations.  Every business is different but it’s a good bet that we know someone who can help take yours to the next level.

Currently Evaluating:

– Patentable Products

      – Smartphone Apps

      – Google Glass Apps

      – E-Commerce Websites

If your business meets our criteria and has high growth potential we may be willing to invest.  We become equity partners with a minority position in each Start-Up in our Incubator Program.  This allows us to be part of the future success, yet leave the entrepreneur as the majority stake holder.

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