General Purpose Commercial Real Estate Loans

General Purpose Commercial Real Estate Loans


When a client and prospective borrower is looking to purchase or refinance their general purpose CRE space, we at LoanLynx understand the due diligence that is considered by our clients.

Here are some main points of reference we analyze, and can help assist our clients with, in regards to general purpose commercial real estate financing:

Collateral Details

  • Age and condition of the commercial real estate
  • Collateral quality – Class A, B, C, or Industrial Warehouse
  • Location and surrounding area

Business Operations

  • Income Statement/Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Working capital and post closing liquidity
  • Dependancy on rental income from tenants
  • DSCR (debt service coverage ratio)
  • Rent roll if occupancy is less than 60%

Professional Experience

  • Sponsors resumes and professional industry experience

Value Analysis & Third-Party Reports

  • Market CAP rates and Occupancy rates for property type and demographic; Appraisal reporting and findings on market price per square foot
  • Current Environmental report indicating it is free and clear from any environmental concern, with no further recommendation, or verification that appropriate remediation measures have been completed
  • Property Condition Assessment as well as repairs and maintenance history

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