Residential Loan Programs

LOANLYNX is a full service loan brokerage with a wide variety of residential mortgage programs.  Life is not one size fits all, so your mortgage shouldn’t be either. Your Mortgage Loan Originator will offer you a home financing solution tailored to meet your unique needs at competitive rates, not just the latest trend in home financing. That’s why LOANLYNX offers such a wide variety of mortgage options. Our growing portfolio includes fixed & adjustable-rate, jumbo, FHA, VA, interest only, real estate investor, foreign national, home improvement loans, even HARP 2.0, and Reverse Mortgages. Experience our highly specialized expertise and best-in-class service across hybrid lending platforms with more choices and thoughtful guidance towards your customized solution. Click any image below for program details.

Conventional Loans

Fixed & Adjustable Products conforming to GSE underwriting requirements. Loans under $417,000 that offer more flexibility and lower interest rates for those who can afford higher down payments. Both Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac recently released a 3% down payment option, designed for first-time homebuyers!


FHA Mortgages

Secure Government loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). FHA loans can benefit consumers seeking mortgage credit with lower down payment requirements, or those borrowers in need of more flexible qualifying guidelines due to limited credit history or extenuating circumstances.


VA Mortgages

Nearly all Veterans have access to the vast benefits offered through this Government Guaranteed loan product. Use your benefits to purchase a new or existing home with 100% financing or refinance your current loan into a lower-rate at low cost with our attractive Interest Rate Reduction Refinance (IRRRL) option.


USDA Financing

This flexible loan option is designed specifically for borrowers looking to purchase a home in a rural area. The USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing (GRH) loan program promises 100% financing to moderate income borrowers seeking housing in designated USDA rural areas, modest in size, design & cost.


Second Homes & Investment

Having a second home on the beach or at the lake offers many potential rewards. Likewise, investment properties provide cash-flow opportunities and potential tax benefits, boost your investment portfolio. Designed for owner occupied vacation homes or non-owner occupied rental properties from 1-4 units.


Jumbo & Super Jumbo

Jumbo loans provide financing for properties in excess of established conforming county loan limits. You can borrow higher loan amounts while still taking advantage of today’s low mortgage rates. Jumbo loans are not luxury exclusive, and are ideal for relatively modest homes in high housing cost areas.



Recent legislative changes allow underwater homeowners to qualify for today’s low mortgage rates. If you owe more than your home is worth, then the Home Affordable Refinance Program could be a great fit for you. Take advantage of this unprescedented program while historically low rates still last!


Renovation Loans

For houses in the perfect location in need of TLC or a modern touch. Build the cost of renovations into the total loan amount! Maximize your home’s potential, whether financing small upgrades on a newly purchased home or you require large funding for renovation on structural or luxury items.


Construction Loans

Lock your rate during the construction period anywhere from 5-24 months. These are a short-term interim loans where the lender advances funds to the builder at set intervals as the construction progresses. If you’re looking to build your dream home, we offer competitive financing options in this space.


Manufactured Home Loans

Finance the purchase of a manufactured home or refinance your existing. Fannie Mae defines a “manufactured home” as any dwelling unit built on a permanent chassis and attached to a permanent foundation system. We also offer specialized FHA manufactured home loans at extremely low, fixed interest rates.


Reverse Mortgages

Isn’t it time your home paid you! You’ve spent years building equity in your home by paying down your mortgage, and through market value appreciation. A reverse mortgage simply allows you to withdraw a portion of that equity and use it any way you like while staying in your home indefinitely.


Foreign National Programs

Our Foreign National Program is specially designed to put home ownership in reach of qualified non-U.S. citizens seeking to establish roots in the United States. We offer a true Foreign National Program with more flexibility & fewer restrictions. No income, reserves, or Social Security requirements.


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