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 3 Major Benefits of PreQualification
  1. Let’s you know what you can afford
  2. Establishes you as a serious buyer
  3. Often improves your negotiating power and can give your offer an edge over other buyers
What Does a Pre-Qual Establish

Summary review of income, assets & credit profile indicates:

  1. That you qualify for a mortgage
  2. The amount you are eligible to borrow
  3. Your maximum allowable home purchase price.

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Apply with our online application. View and lock in your rate online on any device, all from the comfort of your home.

The Process and What To Provide

Think of a pre-qualification as a “mortgage approval lite.” While not as exhaustive, it does related documentation proving adequate income and assets, including an examination of your credit report (supplied by a credit bureau). We evaluate this information to determine your mortgage financing eligibility, the amount you may borrow, and the maximum home purchase price.

You receive a letter that documents the above. It’s proof you qualify and satisfies the requirements of buyer’s and seller’s real estate agents–a big advantage for you as you shop!

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A Pre-Qualification Can Take Just Minutes

With your financial information in hand, we can often issue a pre-qualification in less than 15 minutes! All borrowers are individuals, with unique situations. More complex financial situations warranting  special considerations, typically require more diligence and may cause longer turnaround times. In each case, an expeditious pre-qualification process is our priority.

The LYNXQual™ pre-qualification process is fast, free, and easy.  Feel free to connect with us through any method on this page.

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