LifeLock® — Identity Theft Protection

As a dynamic mortgage broker qualifying borrowers for home, commercial, and business loans every day, LoanLynx understands how important it is to keep your credit file up-to-date and accurate.  This is why we have partnered with LifeLock®, a national leader in identity theft protection, to provide our customers with a complimentary membership to this service upon successful completion of their loan.

Protect yourself with LifeLock® identity theft protection.

With consumer breaches and identity theft on the rise, LifeLock can provide you with an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.  LifeLock works to help stop identity theft before it happens, unlike credit monitoring, which only alerts you after the fact.

  • 24/7 online access to your monthly TransUnion credit score
  • Daily monitoring of all three credit bureau reports
  • Checking and savings account application alerts
  • Detect identity theft threats and receive alerts when they are found†

CLICK HERE for a 30-day free trial membership* with LifeLock® or contact your loan officer for more details. Use Promo Code: LYNX.

*Credit card and automatic renewal required for 30-day free trial.  †LifeLock network does not cover all transactions and scope may very.

Identity Theft Victim Statistics

2018 | Total Number of Identities Stolen

2018 | Total Financial Losses (Bil. $)

Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion. On a case-by-case basis, that means approximately 7% of all adults have their identities misused with each instance resulting in approximately $3,500 in losses. Close to 100 million additional Americans have their personal identifying information placed at risk of identity theft each year when records maintained in government and corporate databases are lost or stolen. These alarming statistics demonstrate identity theft may be the most frequent, costly and pervasive crime in the United States.

 Based on a range of information gathered from public and private resources.

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