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  • Lowest Rates in More Than a Month May 24, 2022
    Mortgage rates have generally been moving lower for more than 2 weeks now.  Today's gains were enough to bring them to their best levels in just over a month. Compared to the most recent highs (also the highest levels in more than a decade), the average lender has improved by roughly 0.35% .  That means […]
  • MBS Live Recap: Rate Rally Returns With Help From Housing Data May 24, 2022
    Rate Rally Returns With Help From Housing Data How about a good, old-fashioned market reaction to weaker economic data?  We've seen it a few times recently, but not in response to an "almost never" market mover like New Home Sales.  Today was an exception owing to the 591k headline vs a 750k forecast.  Bonds were […]
  • New Home Sales Plummet: Big Wake Up Call or a Logical Shift? May 24, 2022
    The housing market has been keeping its head down, keeping calm, and carrying on in the face of the biggest rate spike since the 1980s.  The ability to ignore higher interest rates is nothing new for home sales.  In fact, sometimes we see almost no reaction in sales numbers when rates rise.   The following chart […]
  • MBS Live Morning: Lowest Yields in Almost a Month After Stocks Stumble Early May 24, 2022
    Another day, another headline with the word "stocks."  Yesterday it was a stock market recovery pulling bond yields higher.  Today it's renewed weakness in equities leading yields to their lowest levels since late April.  But in today's case, we have to acknowledge the bond market's leadership in the rally, at least as far as the […]
  • Fee Collection, Subservicing, Processing, Sales Tools; Events and Webinars Through June May 24, 2022
    The last pay phone was removed from New York City yesterday. (Heck, growing up I financed my baseball card purchases by looking for loose change in those and newspaper vending machines.) Communication is certainly always changing, and successful loan officers and managers are adept at knowing the best way to communicate with others. Communication aside, […]
  • MBS Live Recap: Stock Lever Cuts Both Ways as Yields Bounce Higher May 23, 2022
    Stock Lever Cuts Both Ways as Yields Bounce Higher While the gains seen in the bond market over the past 2 weeks were certainly welcome, we had doubts about their sustainability given the circumstances.  Specifically, they relied on a certain amount of weakness in the stock market, or so it would seem.  As of Monday […]
  • Mortgage Rates Moving Up to Start New Week May 23, 2022
    Mortgage rates are coming off their best 2 weeks in quite some time--a feat that sounds more impressive than it is by the time we consider the precursors.  Namely, the improvement in rates was heavily dependent on vastly bigger movement in the stock market.  Stocks and rates don't always move in unison, but when stocks […]
  • MBS Live Morning: More Evidence For a Sideways Range May 23, 2022
    By last Friday, not only had the bond market seen a 2-week improvement for the first time all year, but the ground covered during those 2 weeks was bigger than any other 2 week period going back to the start of the pandemic.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that the gains were […]
  • LO Sales Tools, CFPB Oversight, Processing, Rehab Products; Updates From Fannie May 23, 2022
    I recently opened my slang dictionary to the page that defined the origin of, “Different ways to skin a cat” and left it near my cat Myrtle’s water bowl. She didn’t seem interested. Which is fine. Lenders probably interested in that either, instead more intent on programs, pricing, and the general movement of interest rates. […]
  • MBS Live Morning: Another Stock Swoon Keeping Bonds in Check May 20, 2022
    The entire week has been dominated by a close correlation between stock prices and bonds yields.  This has been especially noticeable after 9:30am ET on any given day (the NYSE opening bell, when more liquidity and volume hit the market), but even outside those hours, there's been enough correlation that it makes sense to keep […]

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